What This Course Is All About

If you’re struggling to weave a compelling story or your website just feels flat, we’re going to give you a step-by-step guide to getting it done right.

Here's the reality of small business world today:

Too many business owners confess that they are disappointed by how their website performs.

The reasons are usually all the same - they lack clarity. This mini-course gives you the start you need for having a clear message that targets the people you want to help.

Your Business Deserves An Outstanding Website

Websites are an essential part of a dynamic business. If you’re going to make the impact and income that you deserve, you’ve got to stand out online. In our global marketplace, there’s too much competition to have a boring, generic, or unclear website. Your business needs a website that connects and compels visitors to take action. That’s what this course is all about.

We've Broken The Process Down To Four Steps:

  1. Start With Who - Determine Who your website is for (your ideal customer).
  2. Build Out The Structure Of The Site - Choose which pages you need based on the questions your customer is asking
  3. Get The Right Words - Leverage the power of story to create clear, compelling pages
  4. Do Customer-Centric SEO - Partner with Google so that you show up when people are looking for you.
Put Together A Website That You And Your Customers Truly Love
Download the worksheet and advance to module one right away.
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