When you've got an outstanding product there's nothing more frustrating than watching your competitors take your market share.
We give you the tools and resources you need to reach more customers become the leader in your industry.

When you partner with Get Clear, we're going to help you with the strategy and marketing resources you need to grow your business. 

Marketing should be easy when you're the best at what you do. But we all know it's not that simple.

If you're struggling to:

  • Target your niche with a clear message
  • Get a modern website that stands out among your competitors
  • Keep your website up to date
  • Work with a marketing team you trust

Get Clear is the partner you need to get your marketing done right and reach more customers. 

We believe the best companies should have access to the best marketing tools.

We grow businesses using the "Start With Who" framework.

Our framework empowers you to:

  • A clear message that targets the head and heart of your ideal client
  • Build an online presence that helps you stand out in your industry
  • A steady stream of new customers, excited to do business with you
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Get Clear gives you what you need to leverage the power of story in your marketing.

Whether you need some help getting your words right, creating a customer-centric new website, developing marketing tools, or need expert copywriting, we are here to help you get what you need to get growing. 

Your marketing doesn't have to be a headache when it's done right. It can be a source of joy as you give your business the recognition it deserves from the people you love to help.

If marketing is not exactly your thing and you'd like to talk to a marketing expert about what can be done for you, don't hesitate to fill out our form and talk to someone about what you'd like done. 

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Get Clear Is Led By Jon Morrison
Our goal is to help you get what you need to reach the people you help best.

Jon Morrison knows that nothing frustrates you more than knowing you have something great and not being able to get it to more people. 

Jon's Now Start With Who framework is the foundation you need to reach more of the right people.

With a clear "Who" you can create marketing collateral that effectively connects your business with the people you want to reach the most. Jon and his team give everything to help their clients so that they can help their clients.

Proud To Be Endorsed By Don Miller

Don is a NYT Bestselling Author and the CEO of Business Made Simple

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Your Business Deserves An Outstanding Online Presence

Here's our simple process:
Connect With Our Team
We help you identify your ideal client and the best messaging to reach them.
We Deliver Winning Projects
Our design team strives for excellence in every project.
You Reach New Clients
We make sure you are fully equipped and set up for success.
How Is Your Marketing Doing These Days?
Not sure? That's totally normal. Disappointing? That's normal too.

When we're' busy running our business, it's hard to do great marketing at the same time. For many small business owners, the idea of creating a clear message, excellent marketing collateral, and executing an effective marketing strategy is too much work. Trying to do marketing on your own is intimidating and difficult to achieve.

Perhaps you could use some help.

But who can you trust in marketing? We've all heard horror stories of friends, family, and other businesses who have wasted thousands of dollars to have someone do their marketing and it didn't do anything.

If you want your marketing collateral to be done by someone who understands the importance of a personal connection, hiring the Get Clear team is the ideal solution. We can do consulting, strategy and create the resources while making sure your messaging stays consistent with what’s important to you.

The Right Marketing Helps You Start Connecting With New Customers
Get Clear helps great businesses leverage the best tools to reach new people.

Attention is valuable today. There are a lot of brands, competitors, and distractions competing for your people's attention. Get Clear gives you the tools you need to get the audience you deserve. We help you create a clear message so that people get excited every time you talk about "what you do" whether it is in person or online.

We use the StoryBrand framework to help great businesses grow in income and impact.

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