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Jon's Approach To Speaking

Tell Great Stories
Jon has learned the secret to capturing the undivided attention of audiences - telling great stories.
Use Humor
We all know the best way to get someone to listen is to first make them laugh.
Use The StoryBrand Framework
As a Certified StoryBrand Guide, Jon empowers each attendee, making sure they get what they need to win their story.


What others have to say.
"Having Jon come to speak to our group of local business leaders was both informative and fun.

Jon brings lots of energy, humour, and expertise that made the experience incredibly valuable for everyone there."

- Danny Horner, GLM Mortgage Professional and Leader of Abbotsford Business Leader Network


We loved having him at our annual FTCA event. He was a professional to work with and delivered great content in an engaging way. As an event organizer, I couldn't ask for more."

-Bobby Maybee, President, Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance

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