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Here's A Quick Overview Of The Book

The Book Raises The Question: What Happens When You Serve a Clearly Defined Who?

I've seen three things happen as I've taught this material over the last two years. Those who understand and apply the principles get the three Who's: 

  1. Who-Centered Marketing - Valuable marketing dollars will not be wasted trying to sell to the masses. Your Marketing plan will focus only on Your Who. 

  2. Who-Centered Referrals - When your Who gets their results they hoped for, they will get excited and eagerly share with others the positive changes they received. 

  3. A Legacy of Whos - Offering transformational, impactful, and life-changing products and services will always be in demand, regardless of market conditions.
Big Ideas You Find in Now Start With Who:
  1. The one thing more important than money, that a business needs to move forward.

  2. How to make your business disruption proof.

  3. Learn how a string of bad dates and a group of Chiropractors helped me find my Who.

  4. Discover the three motivators that drive companies forward.

  5. A simple test that only requires a pen and piece of scrap paper to see if your website is effective. 

  6. 4 impactful actions you can take now to start serving your Who.
Some Provoking Questions To Ask During An Interview

1. It seems like the title is intentionally provocative but in the book you're still a Simon Sinek fan. Tell me about why you chose to engage Start With Why?

My answer: I have a story about loving the book's premise (everyone needs a "Why") but I didn't agree with its application. There are too many people obsessed about their Why and forgetting they need a Who to help achieve it.

2. How would you recommend finding and reaching a niche?

My answer: You start with a "Who", a group of people that you think you can help. Then you find out "What" they are struggling with (aka. pain point). That ensures you have a market for your "How". Your how can be a service, product, widget, course, book, podcast or whatever you are doing to provide a solution.

3. You say the foundation of business is people. In a world where technology, automation and data seem to be driving things forward, why is it important that we keep people at the center still?

My answer: Without people, we don't have a business. All my clients are afraid of disruption. I tell them if they keep close to their customers, they will have their finger on their pain points, ready to help them as needed. The problem is that as we grow, the focus becomes more about processes, MRR, internal and we forget that our business exists to serve our customers first and foremost.

4. Who are some of your influences that shaped your thinking?

I'm a certified StoryBrand Guide so I'm a big Donald Miller fan. I also love Seth Godin (I read everything he writes), and I do enjoy philosophical stuff too (I studied at Oxford for a year back in 2012). There are also local celebrities that have helped me. While the world may not know about them, they have been mentors with their thinking and work. Nicky Billou, Marc Von Musser, and Dan Sullivan. I owe a great debt of gratitude to these men. I was a "Who" to them and they served me through their hard work of getting their ideas out there. It doesn't come easy these days.


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