Too many well-intentioned entrepreneurs lack a roadmap to market and scale their business.
They know they could reach more people if they could just learn about how to market what they do.

This course helps you create clear marketing with a proven plan from start to finish.

If you believe your business can help more people but are having a hard time applying the principles to each part of your business, this is the course for you.

This course will help you apply the principles of story to all aspects of your business.

You'll learn how to identify your target market and find your ideal customer, as well as how to create a compelling story that will inspire people to take action. You'll also learn how to create marketing collateral that's going to help you reach more people and grow your business.

Here are the four phases of your development (and how we've structured the course).

Phase One: Get A Clear Message

In this first phase of the course, we focus on creating a Clear Message for your business. To start, we need to make sure we know who you are talking to.

When you clearly define your hero you can have clarity through the whole process that you are targeting the right people. Next, we build out the customer story and create a Brand Messaging Guide.

Part of building your messaging includes having a one-liner written down as well as a pitch you can use whenever you’re talking about your business.

Phase Two: The Marketing Essentials

We are going to show you the principles for designing an effective website that will connect with the people you want to reach.

You’re going to learn how to structure a website, how to layout a page, and how to make sure you are leveraging the customer story throughout it with the word.

Next, we move to the strategy of lead generation. You’re going to learn some ideas that are working today and discover what help you can offer based on some of the problems you know that your customer is facing.

We then teach you how to follow up with a series of emails to nurture your new lead. We will talk about what kinds of emails you need to make the biggest impact. 

Phase Three: Your Ongoing Strategy

Phase three of your marketing plan involves the ongoing work of making sure people are coming to your site. You’ve done all this work on your message and making sure you have a structure in place to bring people in, now you need to get them to your site.

We will look at four ways to do this:

  • Content marketing. 
  • Social media strategy 
  • Paid advertising
  • Search engine optimization (SEO).

Phase Four: Build Your Marketing Team

As you go through the course, you’re going to have everything in place where you’re doing it right. 

With new growth, you’re going to need to build a team to do the work. You’re going to need:

  • A content writer to keep your website, newsletter, and email campaigns fresh.
  • A graphic designer to make sure your stuff looks good.
  • A Social media manager to keep your company engaged in the conversations happening.
  • An SEO Expert to keep your site at the top of Google, someone to set up and manage your paid ads.
  • A StoryBrand Guide/Coach to make sure you are staying customer-centric in all you do, especially your marketing.

Imagine how great it is going to feel when you’ve gone through all the phases and can look back at the progress you’ve made. It started with an idea that you had to build a business that could help people, hire people and earn a great income for yourself.



About Your Instructor, Jon Morrison
Lead Consultant and Founder of Get Clear Consulting

Jon Morrison is passionate about helping awesome people leverage the best tools to achieve their goals. Jon understands how overwhelming it can be to have all kinds of opportunities to grow your business but not have the time or a plan to take advantage of them.

Jon and the Get Clear team work hard every day to equip business owners to reach and even exceed their goals.

Jon recently published Now Start With Who: Why Serving Is The New Selling.

Jon lives in Abbotsford with his wife, Hayley, and their three daughters.

We Are Proud To Be Endorsed By Don Miller

Don is a NY Time Bestselling Author and CEO of Business Made Simple
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