Without marketing, your course will never reach the people it's intended to.
Most educators don't like marketing. This module gives you a plan so that your marketing is both enjoyable and fruitful.
You’re not going to like this but...
Just because you finished creating your course doesn’t mean you’re finished.

Imagine completing a long race, huffing and puffing as you cross the finish line. You stumble to the end only to realize that you've stepped across...

Another starting line.

That's what's happening to you once your content is live on the platform of your choice. You now have to market yourself so that people hear about your amazing, life-changing product. The sad truth is that there is a lot of great courses collecting dust in the corner of the internet that no one is ever going to hear about. 

This means that some poor soul spent all that time researching, collecting, organizing, writing, and designing their content only to have it sit there with no one consuming it. What a great tragedy.

Now that you’re done with your course, you have to tell people about it.

No one is going to promote it as you can. We will teach you how to do it.

Marketing Is Not As Scary As You Think
Everyone is marketing something all the time.
  • If you’ve ever recommended a movie or a restaurant, you’re marketing.
  • If you convinced someone to marry you, you did some marketing.
  • If you’ve ever had to promote the benefits of eating all their dinner to your kids, you’re marketing.
  • If you've recommended anything you believed in to anyone that needed it.

Daniel Pink is right: To sell is truly human. You’re not selling snake oil. You’re promoting transformation and better health.

How you do that matters. Let's create a plan so that you do it well.

How To Promote Your New Course
You are responsible for making sure your course gets the promotion it deserves. Expecting other people to sell it because you're shy is setting yourself up for frustration.

Here's a list of ways to market your course.

Talk about it in conversations.

You can find creative ways to "drop" in the fact that you've been working hard on launching a new course that is going to help people ____________. You're going to learn how to talk about it in a way that gets other people excited. 

Create a landing page on your company website.

There is a way to lay out your course in a way that captures attention and compels action. We show you how to do that here.

Post about it on social media.

You have a personal account, a company page, and hopefully some groups you are a part of. Don't just drop a sentence and a link. Paste in large quotes or give away entire lessons on social media. It will generate more interest if you add value in your posts rather than just dumping a link and hoping it gets traction (the algorithm will likely bury it).

Sell it to existing clients or patients.

Instead of repeating yourself, sell it for $50 so they can listen to you at home from the comfort of their couch and pajamas.

Incentivize your staff to sell it.

Give your staff a Starbucks card for every course they sell.

Leverage your network of influencers.

You likely have some connections in your tribe who have a popular group, blog, podcast, or social media channel. The truth is that they need you as much as you need them. Influencers need fresh content to talk about. Your course will be a perfect conversation piece for their audience. You just have to reach out to them and let them know about your big launch. 

Have You Ever Thought About Being A Guest On A Podcast?

It doesn't have to be one of the big ones. Being a guest will expose you to new audiences, build your network AND help you refine your pitch.
Exercise 1 - Create A Marketing Plan
It's time to leverage your network and other connections.

Using the above section as your guide, make a list of all the people you need to connect with to talk about your course.

This is the time to think about what you will post on social media, who you will talk to about the course, which podcast hosts you can connect with, and how you can get existing customers/clients/patients to want to purchase your course.

Start contacting your list and get the word out about your course.

How To Talk About Your Course In A Way That Get's People Excited
If your course is going to be successful, you need to talk about it. In fact, you need to talk about it a lot.

To be effective you need to master the pitch.

Traditionally, it's called the "Elevator Pitch." This assumes you're going to have someone's attention for the length of time it takes to take an elevator ride. The problem today is that not many people give us that much time to pitch to them.

Instead, we recommend creating an Escalator pitch. An escalator pitch is what you say when you catch someone's attention while you're going up an escalator and they're coming down. Let's create an escalator pitch for your course.

Let's Create Your Escalator Pitch
You can also call it your "One-Liner".

To clearly communicate the importance of your course with clarity, fill in the blanks on this script:

“I am making a course that solves ___________ (problem) for ________ (the person you made the course for). I've laid out a guide so that they _________ (outcome).”

Or here’s another one:

“Too many _________(your Who) are struggling with ___________(problem) and don’t know what to do about it. I’ve created a course that will help them achieve (outcome). It’s a ________ step process so that they can _____________________(outcome again). If you’re interested check out (website).”

Exercise 2: Write Out And Memorize Your Escalator Pitch
If you were asked what your course is about, what would you say?

Using the outline above as your guide, create a quick pitch that you can memorize to describe your course to anyone you're talking to.

Create an awesome landing page for your marketing website.
Don’t just say “Oh yeah, we have a course. Sign up here.”

We've got a resource for your marketing that you won't want to miss.

Download our Get Clear Landing Page Builder resource.

Here's what you'll need to do:

  1. Start with a headline as you could expect if you were selling this course on the front page of a newspaper.
  2. Include a picture of some happy people who are enjoying life after successfully completing your course.
  3. Write down the problem your course solves.
  4. State the outcome you deliver.
  5. Find a bunch of pictures of happy people enjoying that outcome.
  6. State three benefits to the person completing the course.
  7. Introduce yourself and why you’re an authority to teach it.
  8. Write a paragraph summary about your course.
  9. Use stories of transformation (testimonials) from people you have helped in the past.
  10. Include a clear call to action like "Enroll In The Course" or "Get The Course" or "Buy Now"
Download The Landing Page Builder
Exercise 3: Build Or Draw Your Landing Page For Your Course
This is the website page you're going to send all your traffic to. It's your money maker.

If you have the technology or skill to create a web page, now is the time to build out your marketing site.

But not everyone can build a landing page...but anyone can draw on a napkin. Using the downloadable Landing Page outline as your guide, lay out a website that will convert browsers into excited buyers of your course.

Hand that napkin to your website developer and have them build out a nice page for you.

That's It! You Did It! You Completed The Course
Thank you for making the journey with us. The Get Clear team is thankful for your partnership.
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