You don't want your course to be just another source of information.
We have enough of that flying around the Internet these days.

This module shows how your course can be about transformation, not just more information.

Let's Recap What We've Learned So Far:
Last module could've taken a lot out of you so let's remember just how far we've come.
  • You got a clear picture of who this course is for.
  • You identified the problem the course will solve.
  • You mapped out their transformation story, ending with a positive outcome that will help them.
  • You identified 6-8 milestones they have along the way.
  • We documented and organized your ideas to create a logical flow of content.

In this module, we ensure that your content creates a lasting change so that your course creates raving fans.

What Can A Call To Action Accomplish?

Here's What You'll Learn In This Module:
The Difference Between Information And Transformation
People want to be changed, not just informed.
How To Create A Clear Call To Action
We need to know what the next step is.
How Transformation Creates Raving Fans
The secret to generating referrals for your course.
Why have we not solved all our problems?
Information for information's sake is not enough.

The problem is not in information in the world.  We need to change. But people do not change easily. They need to be challenged. People need to be called to take action.

Let's look at how to include a compelling call for actionable application steps baked into each module. 

Your clients will evaluate your course on what they accomplished by the end of the program.
Application makes all the difference.

Every person who joins your course is a hero in a story. They want to win their story and they think that your course can help them do so. 
Unless you clearly call them to take action, they will not budge.

This is the step between, “Oh yeah, there’s a course online you can take to help back pain” to “You have to get this course. It changed my life.”

You accomplish this by ensuring that you're always including some solid steps they can use as milestones in their development.

It could be anything you think will get them a step closer to the stated outcome. An exercise, stretch, something they can do.

It’s ok to say “If this is bad right now, come and see us in the office.” That's a clear call to take action.

Action steps will also give them concrete guideposts to mark their progress.


Don't be satisfied if someone signs up for your course or even merely completes the course content.
You want everyone enrolled in your course to become successful and raving fans.

You promised a transformation of some kind. A clear call to action is what's going to make sure they get there.

What's Makes A Great Call To Action?
Here's what we know about compelling people to do what you're asking them.

Most of us, if we are honest, will choose the status quo. 

Your course is built on the premise that your customer's status quo isn't working for them. Without action, they will just consume your material but keep doing what they've always done.

That won't get them where you promise to take them.


Here are some pointers to make sure your call to action gets results:
  1. Make it clear.

    There should be no confusion about what you want them to do. The confused mind will not budge.

  2. Make it compelling.

    You've got to sell the action as something that will help them win their story. It's ok to state the consequences of not taking action.

  3. Show them how to do it.

    A visual is incredibly helpful for creating clarity on what you want them to do. An image or a video or a vivid description can all work well for you. 

Exercise #1 - Make Sure Your Calls To Action Are There And Are Clear
Go through each milestone and make sure that there is a clear call to action at each milestone.
You Have A Start, An End, And All The Content In Between. That's It. Your Course Is Complete.
Next, we learn about the ever-important platform and promotion of your course.
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