Feeling like you have to create all the content for your course can feel totally overwhelming.
It doesn't have to be. In fact, you'll see in this module just how simple it is to deliver your promised outcome.
Here's what we've learned so far.
  1. We've identified your ideal client for the course. You know who you're creating this for.
  2. You know the problem they are struggling with that will compel them to enroll in your course.
  3. You know the outcome you’re going to deliver.
Now it’s time to map out how you are going to get them there.
You'll outline the steps needed to get from where they are to where they're going.

The Guide Always Has A Plan

Here's what you can expect to learn in this module.
Lay Out A Road Map From Start To Finish
You'll be clearer in your thinking and communication.
Create An Outline For Your Course
We'll split your best ideas into modules.
How To Structure Your Course
You'll get ideas and inspiration of how to layout your content.
Let's Start Laying Out A Roadmap For Your Course
You will break down each of the steps from start to completion.

Since we already know where people are coming from when they start your course and we know where they are going to be at the end, we just have to fill in the middle.

It's time to map out everything that needs to happen to get from Point A- Point B. 

There are 6-8 steps someone must take on the journey to the outcome you have identified, their transformation. These steps become the modules in your course.

Here's An Example You'll Recognize: The Get Clear Course Creator
We will show you a behind the scenes look at how we created the modules for this course.

We started by identifying the problem: Business owners want to open up a source of revenue or lead generation by creating a course on their website.

The problem: Creating a course can be overwhelming and they don't have a simple, step-by-step guide to help them.

The outcome: Feel awesome as you see people enrolling in your course, getting the help they need, becoming life-long patients, and giving you a great new source of revenue.

The process: How do we take people from being overwhelmed to launching their winning course?

  1. We start with Who, identifying who the course is for
  2. Identify the problem the course will solve
  3. Articulate the transformation one can expect when they complete the course.
  4. Map out the process to get them there
  5. Remind them to include a clear Call to Action
  6. Give instructions on which platform to use and how to promote the course
  7. Provide advanced steps to help scale the impact and income of the course

Once they have completed those steps, we know that the outcome will be achieved.

That's it. That's the Get Clear Course Creator. Now let's look at your client's process to transformation.

Here's an example to get you started.
If someone enrolls in a course on how to get out of back pain, here's an example of the process.
  1. Diagnose your situation.
  2. Understand the kind of pain you're experiencing.
  3. Overview of various treatment options both at home and what you’ll do at the office.
  4. Demonstrate stretches (3?) they can do at home to improve mobility and decrease pain.
  5. Demonstrate exercises (3?) they can try to strengthen muscles.
  6. How to protect yourself from further injury.
  7. Conclusion saying to come see a chiropractor as part of ongoing, healthy lifestyle.
  8. Review what they have learned.
Example #2 An Online Course On Home Ergonomics
Here's another outline to help you see how a course is built.

If someone needs a “Working from Home” ergonomics course you might consider this outline.

  1. Overview: The dangers and joys of working from home.
  2. Identify the 5 most common risks that cause long-term injury.
  3. Proper habits of working from home.
  4. The right Posture and Positioning for long-term health.
  5. The ideal Desk set up (your favourite equipment with an affiliate link).
  6. Why and how to take Micro-breaks.
  7. Conclusion reviewing what has been covered.
Exercise #1: Map Out Each Step On The Journey
What are the 6-8 steps to take from problem to solution, A to B, or start to finish (whatever you want to call them)?

Write down the "baby steps" that are needed to get to your outcome. Try to think of 6 or 8. Any less and your course could seem shy of content. Any more and you are at risk of overwhelming. 6-8 is the sweet spot.

Well done. You’ve now got a great outline for a course!
In the next module you'll learn a powerful hack to fill in your outline with great content.
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