You might be settling for what kind of income and impact you can make with this course.
This page will trigger some ideas to get you thinking about how to do more than you ever imagined.
Make Your Course A Group Training Event
Take multiple people through your sessions, providing them with a personal connection to you, the instructor.

There will be some people who will want to learn directly from you. You can make yourself available (if the price is right) to a group of clients. You can provide all the content you created and deliver it through an 8-week coaching program.

  • You teach the live material.
  • You provide the written content like a textbook.
  • You make yourself available for Q and A.
  • They get all the transformation.
  • You get to charge top dollar for it.

Watch This Video And Get Excited About The Potential Of Leading Group Coaching

Russ Rufino from Clients On Demand Chats With The Great Mark Von Musser

How Do You Create A Group Coaching Program?
These are the steps.
  1. Announce that on a certain date you are taking enrollments for your course.

  2. Teach your module on a Zoom call once a week. If you choose to offer your content on a recording, offer a live Q and A session per week. 

  3. Create a Facebook group on social media for connecting with clients during the week. This will be where they can encourage each other and connect directly with you.

  4. After the 8-week module is complete, offer an upgrade to a 12-month mastermind group for those who wish to continue in your network.

How Much Should You Charge For A Course Like This?
You're not charging by the hour. You're charging by the impact you make in someone's life.

How much would you pay to have a major problem solved in your life? Whether it is to solve a health, relationship, or business problem, we'd pay a lot of money to have it go away. As we discussed early on, your course solves a problem.

What is the market value to solve that problem?


You're about to find out how much you can make from your expertise.
The worst thing you can do is make your live coaching program cheap.

People won't take your expertise seriously. If you are going to show up personally and if your course solves a real problem, you should be charging at least $1500 for the 8-week program. Some programs sell for $6000-$12000. 

The best way to find out is to talk about it with others. Get good at talking about the outcome and then mention the price. As long as people are willing to pay the number you mention, keep trying a little higher until you've clearly overpriced. It's worth a shot. This is a powerful way to make a great income.

For Your Encouragement

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