If you're tired of trying to integrate your website and your email automation software, we have a fantastic solution for you.

Imagine being able to send newsletters to clients and leads without:

  • having to embed any extra code
  • learning new platforms
  • paying multiple subscription services
  • spending too much time trying to design emails

Today is a big day for the Get Clear Community. We are now offering a newsletter service for half the cost of the average service.

For just $10/mo you get:

  • Unlimited outgoing emails
  • Unlimited addresses in your contact list
  • Email automation option
  • Our simple-to-use platform experience applied to newsletters

If you're interested in adding this feature to your website, let us know. We'd happily get you started right away.

If you want to learn more about how to use our newsletter, check out our Knowledge Base.

Jon Morrison

Jon Morrison

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