Seasons change. Politicians change. The economy changes. One thing that never changes: The human heart's desire to win their story.

In light of everything that has gone on this year, your ideal client still has a driving desire to become a better version of themself.

What's holding them back are the nagging problems they face. Whatever it is, it's keeping them from winning their story. They are not yet who they envision themselves to be.

Why Courses Help People Win:

The Internet has completely disrupted the education space. More than ever, people are hungry to learn. Learning used to happen only from conventional places like universities or schools. Education is a billion-dollar industry now. Technology has democratized how we do education. Today you can access any expert in the world from whom you want to learn. You don't have to be in the same room anymore. You can learn from them wherever you are. It's a great day to be an educator.

Online learning has been around for a while now, and it's only going to get bigger from here.

Your clients and other people just like them need some expertise. It's an expertise that you have. There are things you know that others would benefit from learning.

With an online course, whether free or paid, you have the opportunity to help them do it. Here are some of the benefits of creating a course for your clients and prospective clients.

What does a course do?

When someone signs up for one of your courses, they are enrolling to help themselves. The trade-off is that what's good for them is also good for you.

Here are some of the benefits of offering a course on your website:

1. Lead generation

Whenever someone enrolls, they have to provide their email address. With that precious data, you have algorithm-free access to their inbox.

With the proper checks in place, you have permission to talk to them. People are never more eager to hear from you than in those first few weeks of signing up for something you offered them.

You can use that email address to nurture them into booking a consultation or appointment with you.

2. Make the world a little better

Think back to when you started your business! You were excited to do what you love and make a difference in people's lives! You knew it was a good living to be made, but that wasn't the entire reason you got into your profession!

You wanted to help people. 

You wanted to make a difference in some lives and leave the world in just a little bit better because you showed up.

A course offers you the chance to deliver something of value, even for people you'll never meet. You may never meet them. That's ok. You still helped them with your course, and that's worth something. 

3. Build trust

If your course is effective, it will take someone out of a problem and into a better reality. When you do that, you earn some trust. Trust is the foundation in a healthy relationship, especially in a business setting. 

When you have trust, you have a lifelong client. When someone sees that you are competent at solving a problem, they will be more prone to trust you to solve other problems. 

4. Clarify your thinking

There's something about mapping out your process that sharpens your thinking, clarifying how you deliver your outcomes. Teaching a course forces you to sit there and map out each step as you take someone from A to B.

5. Save time

Most businesses love their clients. However, they still get a little bored saying the same monologue all day long. It's the same instructions, explanations, tips, analogies and answers to the frequently asked questions.

Imagine if, instead of wearing out your voice and your compassion, you had a course you could point clients to so that they could learn from you at home!

6. Open a source of passive income

Who wouldn't love another revenue stream these days? Rather than tell a client they have to drive into town, park, pay, and listen to you teach them something, now they can do it from home, without driving, and for cheaper of a price. You can teach your "A" material to your clients in a course without having to expend the same energy over and over. Teach it once, reap the rewards for years.

Your course doesn't have to be a big-ticket item. You only have to charge $50, less than the price of a meeting. Sell that over and over would get you a nice uptick in your revenue.

7. Develop your IP

Finally, one of the benefits of developing and publishing your course is that you now have your IP (Intellectual Property). These are your thoughts, tricks and treatments that are yours for life. Yes, this material is a smorgasbord of all you've learned and adapted over the years - but you're the one that's curated it. It is now uniquely your product to offer the world.

Human beings love to grow by improving their knowledge and health. Kudos to the people who help them achieve both through an online course. When you are the one who publishes the course, you'll reap many benefits.

With a course, you will generate new leads, clarify your thinking, become an authority, develop your material, and make people's lives better!

Why not download our Get Clear Course Creator and take the next steps to creating your very own course. 

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