A common question that is asked in today's business world is:

"Should my company specialize or generalize our marketing message?"

The debate between the two goes something like this. On one hand if our company has a message that is to general it might connect with no one because of the fact it is trying to connect with absolutely everyone. On the other hand if we are to specialize there might not be a big enough market to sustain our business. So what's the best option for your business?

While the right answer can vary depending on your specific situation for most businesses it makes the most sense to lean more on the specialized side and here are 3 reasons why.

More Profitable

People pay more for expert service and if you are able to position yourself properly and create proper messaging that you are outstanding in a specific area then people will be willing to pay more for what you offer. The important thing is to have one core thing that you do really well and communicate that. If you say you specialize in 50 things people are often overwhelmed with with what you do, and don't fully grasp what you offer.

Easier To Communicate

A common saying when it comes to the specialization and generalization debate is, "if you are trying to connect with everyone, you connect with no one." So in an effort to reach out to as many different markets as possible we find ourselves not truly gaining any ground. This is why it is so important to have a very specific message to a specific group of people. Also most businesses have a model client that they are trying to communicate and connect with. The more specialized a business message is the easier it is to find this ideal client and connect with them. If we try to communicate to generally we will run into a lot of clients who are not our ideal client who often times are more difficult and take more time to deal with.

The Halo Effect

The final reason that specializing your marketing message could have more impact is called "The Halo Effect". Essentially what this means is that if your business is able to do one thing really well then people assume that you will be able to do everything really well. So while the client initially came to buy product A from you, they were so impressed that they want to buy more products from you. The customer also further assumes that product B will also be high quality because product A was. So while you may gain a new client because of specialization, you will then likely be able to grow that client and sell them other services provided that you do a good job on the initial first purchase.

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