If You're Struggling To Achieve Your Why, Now Start With Who

Watch this short video to learn about this exciting resource.

We are excited to announce that Jon Morrison's book "Now Start With Who" is now available to purchase on Amazon. 

This is a book for anyone who has a great idea, product, service or cause who is frustrated because their ideas are not getting the traction they deserve. 

In the book, Jon explains how the best way to get traction for your Why (your purpose, plans or pitch), is to focus on serving a Who.

As Jon states throughout the book,

You achieve your Why when you start with Who.

This book provides the foundation for how we have built Get Clear. We are customer-centric company. This means that our only goal is to help our clients win. You can learn the story of how these values were shaped as well as some inspiring stories of other customer-centric companies. 

Take a look at how we challenge the ideas of Simon Sinek and yet complement them at the same time.

Every Why needs a Who. And to learn more, you need to buy "Now Start With Who".

Click here to find it on Amazon.