Imagine someone is comparing four websites while looking to do business with one of the companies. Three of the sites visited are your competition - one of them is you. 

Two of the websites are poorly designed and so the browser intuitively makes a judgment call on those companies. If they don't pay attention to their website, the browser reasons, the company likely doesn't care about their product or service.

There are now two companies left competing for business. Let me tell you why the customer chose the one they did.

The Difference that Won the Customer Over

The company that won the business offered something different than the others: a free solution to a problem.

There was what we call a "Lead Magnet" or "Lead-Generating PDF"  that offered some valuable help to something the customer was struggling with. The wise consumer knew they would have to give up their email address to get this solution but, to them, it was worth it.

They entered their email and downloaded a resource that made them respect the company that provided it. Because this company knew the value of capturing an email address, they sent five more emails that provided more problem-solving, valuable content along with a call to action.

A relationship was made. Trust was won.  New business had been gained.

That's how it worked out. 

Who Are You In This Story?

There were once four companies competing for business. Only one of them got the prize. They had good-looking design and a piece of content that began a relationship of trust.

Who are you in this story? Are you the brand with the shabby website? Is your well-designed site in need of a makeover or the addition of a lead magnet?

Not too long ago we started a relationship where I wanted to provide you with content that helped solve a problem. I hope it did the job.

If you want some help with your website or need a lead-generator with email automation, please send me an email, and we will get working on your marketing right away.

Don't lose another opportunity. Win trust. Win a new friend. That's the power of a lead generator.

A Few Lead Generating Ideas To Think About

There are many resources you can create that someone would find valuable enough to surrender their precious email address for.

1. A PDF Document

The most often used is the PDF. This is a document that solves a customer's problem for free. Pick 5 (or 3 or 10 or whatever) steps that it takes to get over a hurdle your customer needs to overcome to achieve their goal. Write it well. Give it some design. Throw in some pictures and a strong call to action and you have a great resource.

2. A Webinar

Webinars are a great way to establish trust and create an emotional connection with your potential customer. If you have the right software, you can keep a webinar running every day. Keep it around 30-45 minutes and no more than one hour.

3. A Course

If you want to create a quick 4 class course that solves a problem for free, you can earn a lot of respect with clients. What most people are charging good money for, you are giving away for free. Then again, we are wondering: If the course is that good, maybe you should be charging for it...then just take the PDF route for your lead generator!

4. A Video

A well-made video can win someone over. Whlie people are used to seeing videos automatically, if you can sell the click well, someone would be willing to give you their email address in exchange for the valuable content they will be receiving.

5. A Quiz

We hated them in high school but we love them on websites! People love quizzes. Go figure. A well positioned quiz is effective because quizzes are quick and can be interesting. This is one cool piece of software called Typeform we use for this. It is very fun to use and has a lot of options for designing a quiz lead magnet.


It's not really about what you do when it comes to your lead magnet. Everything works as long as it is solving a  problem your potential customer is facing.

Not sure who your ideal client is or what their problems are? Do not hesitate to schedule a call with us and we will start a conversation that will get you crystal clear on who you are trying to reach and how to reach them.

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