I used to think that just having a nice looking website would be good enough.

Now I see that since anyone can buy a $40 website template from a web development company and have a pretty site in minutes. If everyone has a nice looking website,

What can you do to make your website stand out?

That’s the question I am going to answer for you.

I am going to help you make sure you are getting the greatest return on your investment, positioning yourself as a leader in your industry while using the latest, most effective strategies in digital marketing.

I encourage you to read through the following pages and evaluate your website. I am convinced that if even one of the following recommendations helps it will be worth it. If all five work, imagine the potential that your website will actualize.

Let’s start evaluating your site and see what changes could transform it today.

How Is Your Website Performing?

My family recently took a trip to Maui. In search of the cheapest flight possible, we took a red-eye flight home with two children under three. I will never do this again. I remember thinking every moment I remained awake on the flight (I mentioned we had two children under three with us, right?), “Right now, we are one minute closer to landing than we were a minute ago.”

That’s how I coped.

After we finally arrived, I went to the Park ’n Fly to get our minivan back. I could feel that something was different as I drove to fetch the rest of the family. As we hit the highway back home, I knew something was really wrong. The van was driving but it was not driving like I knew our faithful Toyota aptly named, “Van Morrison” was capable of.

Rather than go home for the nap I had been looking forward to doing for the past 16 hours, I had to take our van in to see the mechanic. For the next few hours I sat and waited in a plastic chair as my van got fixed. Thankfully, the repairs were minimal and yet applicable to what we are talking about in this document: a rat had chewed through one of the lines causing a piston to misfire. Our van was running but it was limping along - a fraction of what it was capable of.

A lot of websites I visit are like my rat-chewed minivan. They are working, but they are not performing like they should. How many opportunities are missed because of this? How many potential new leads are dropped? How many sales are lost? How many more hours must you work to make up for it? We will likely never know.

What we do know is that if you take this document seriously and make the changes necessary, your website will begin humming along again like a website you depend on for your frontline of marketing should. 

My team and I care about your website because we care about you. I care about the impact that you could be making if you make the changes needed. I care about the revenue you could make because of it. It will allow you to work less and spend more time with your family. I care about your business. I want it to thrive because I want the people struggling with problems that you can solve to actually find you. 

This article is about websites but websites are not just about websites. They promote organizations that are making an impact and businesses that are feeding families.

Your website needs the following five elements will transform your website's performance if implemented  today:

  1. Have a Clear Headline Describing What You Do
  2. Put A Picture of Success as the Main Image
  3. Put a Clear Call to Action in Several Places
  4. Open a Story Loop Right Away
  5. Lay Out a Plan
  6. Keep Your Paragraphs Short and Your Headlines Sticky

In the following posts, I will describe what this all means as we go. I urge you to implement these points to transform your website and grow your business.

You will be thrust into some choice front row seats to cutting-edge marketing strategies. Through the document, I will show you how I applied these principles to start and grow the Get Clear brand. I will draw from a few success stories we had helping to create websites that our clients are proud to show their friends and family.

I am convinced that if you only make one of these changes, you will see an immediate difference.

Imagine the impact a well-functioning website could make on your business and how you will stand out from your competition.

Jon Morrison

Jon Morrison

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