We focus a lot on helping our clients talk to others in a clear way. The problem is that you cannot communicate clearly if you are not clear inside. You have to have a clear mission to have a clear message.

To get clear on your mission, let's try writing it down. The problem is, as we all know...

Most mission statements are boring. 

Let's make a new one. One that's not boring but actually fires you up. It takes some work but the work is worth it.

Here's a great way to inspire clarity in yourself and in others you share it with.

Fill in the blanks of this exercise, I created after I was inspired by a leader named Russ Rufino.

Creating An Inspiring Mission Statement Exercise

I help _________________ who are ______________________ become ____________________ so that ____________________.
I only work with _____________________. 
I refuse to work with ______________________.
Without my help, they will __________________________.
This makes their life a living hell because ________________________.
But with my help they will _____________________________________.
The way I help them get this is by ________________(list the milestones/courses).
I do all this because I want to be____________________________
I believe that God put me in this role to ______________________
This isn’t just my business, it is God’s business. My success is pre-ordained, because he has helped me become the best at what I do.
Sure makes going to work each day part of an inspiring adventure.
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