There are times I wonder what it would be like to have the creative team at Hubspot or marketing budget of Apple. Imagine what you could do with a film crew, each one of them an expert in lighting, sound, camera work, and post-production.

I need to snap out of that as soon as possible. This will never happen for me. It will likely never happen for you. The good news is that while we may never have all these resources to us, there are some amazing resources that we can take advantage of and use for our marketing.

My guess is that anyone reading this does not have the capacity or desire to give away your marketing. You want to do it by yourself. That's cool. We get that. There is so much you can do today when you are a DIY marketer.

This post will give you four good reasons why you are making the right decision to not hire an agency like us for your marketing.

Why would we suggest not working with us? Because we believe in you. As you get to the bottom of this post, you will see that we want to help you further. We have an offer for a course that will empower you to do an amazing job with your own mind, your ideas, your sweat, your time, and some awesome tools.

Here are four reasons you don't need to hire an agency to do outstanding marketing.

1. You may not have the time, but you have the gift of "Stubborn Ambition."

Most people reading this are willing to put in the sweat equity into your business. "Marketing" falls under your job description. You are the CEO ("Chief Everything Officer") of your company and the burden of marketing and selling and serving customers all falls on you.

Of course, you could hire a marketing agency to do the marketing for you but the thought of coughing up the 15-25k to an agency makes for a tough conversation with your spouse. Instead, you can figure out how to build a website, how to set up an email campaign on MailChimp, or how to create and run a Facebook ad…

This is great. If you have the gift of “I’ll figure stuff out on my own,” you will save your company a ton of money. I know that agencies like Get Clear Consulting will charge a lot. If you don’t have to spend it with them, you can invest your hard earned money elsewhere: on your family, on a mortgage payment, on vacation. Who wouldn’t want to do that over giving it to a marketing company?

You have a lot of desire to do your marketing but what you don’t have is a lot of time. Time keeps going. There is never enough day. That’s the frustrating part.

What you cannot afford is to waste any of your precious time. That is the hazard of the DIY Small Business Owner. If you spend all this time learning about a tool that doesn’t work or that you won’t use, you’re going to lose that time - you’ll never get it back. Your kids won’t get it, your spouse won’t get it, and the gym won’t get it. Your time is valuable so use it wisely.

What if you just spent your time learning the right things rather than everything?

My team and I have spent a ton of time figuring out what works. We have wasted money - you can learn from that. We have wasted time - you can save yourself time and money by learning from our lessons. We have also learned what works and what is worth learning…we teach you that too.

As a small business owner who is also in charge of your marketing and you feel like you have the gift of “figuring it out,” I salute you. You don’t have time to learn slowly. You can’t afford to waste time.

2. The software is intuitive, and there’s always a YouTube video.

The second reason you don't have to give your money to an agency is because the Internet is constantly making things easier to use. Someone, somewhere around the world is taking a complicated tool and working hard to make it simpler.

One of the reasons why the Protestant Reformation spread through Western civilization so quickly was because people were given information in their own language and then they were empowered to read. The printing press gave them the technology to spread their ideas quickly and cost-effectively. 
The gatekeepers of religion and power fell within the following years as people found a voice and believed they could make a difference in their cities, churches, and civilizations.

This gave way to democracy as people felt like they were free to utilize their God-given power.

This is not just a history lesson, it is a case study of what happens when individuals are given the opportunity to share their ideas without the gatekeepers to hold them back.

We are currently in the most significant communication shift in 500 years. The internet has brought people together like only imagined before. The fact that we are connecting now is astounding to me. We may have never known about each other 10 years ago.

Here’s my point: Your business can reach people from all around the world. No gatekeepers are regulating who you can connect with. Every possible hurdle has been addressed. Design? There’s a tool for that. Photos? We have free photo sites and paid ones. Need to host a webinar? Yup. Need a video? We have HD cameras on our phones! There are many tools out there, and they have different prices. You can always start with the free plan.

Not sure how to work a particular piece of software? Every company has a tutorial section…or a Facebook group of people who will help you solve it.

The internet is awesome. The tools are available for all to try and learn and master.

Sometimes there are too many tools. It can be paralyzing. One of the reasons we have set up the course is because I can be a curator for you. I don’t want you to feel like you have to use everything, but you can use what you need to communicate with your people and grow your business.

3. You can have the support of people who would love to help.

Remember when people were against social media because they said that people shouldn’t post pictures of their lunch or high images at Christmas party…they still shouldn’t.

One thing I have appreciated more and more about Facebook is the groups. The social part of social media is something that Facebook has been pushing for a while now. The result is that it is creating networks around everything.

There are these pieces of software I use that I’m just learning about. Rather than sending them an email I’ll never get a reply or waiting on hold on their 1-800 number, I go to the Facebook group set up for users of the software and ask the question. I get tons of replies and empathy. It’s amazing. I’m always amazed how much strangers are willing to give their time and help. These are the people who pull over on a rainy day to help you fix a flat tire.

For all the deserved negative press from those Youtube commenters, there are people out there who will help out when you have a question. They will share creative ideas and make you a better marketer.

And there’s the podcast. For any topic you want to learn about, you can binge listen to get an answer. You can grow like a weed in just a month.

With that in mind, I have designed our course to include a network of awesome people. There is a private Facebook group that comes with the program. We are filling it with fired up marketing masters students who would love to offer you some help. No doubt they will have insights into your business from an outsider. They will have expertise in an area you weak. We each can serve each other from our own strengths. And when you do that, it’s a lot of fun.

So you could go with a marketing agency who can answer all your questions (and pay for it)…or you can join a Facebook group and learn from kind souls all over the world.

4. You know your business better than any agency.

Here’s the truth. As businesses and technology get more and more complex, the specialization it takes to do well in business is staggering.

When you hire an agency, you are getting someone who is good with words, design and knows excellent tools. But there are so many times that I have no idea what you do. If I do your marketing, the chance that it will be off is high. 

Most marketing agencies are incredibly busy. They may not give your website, funnel, or resources the care they need.

We both know your business is not “just another client.” You are solving problems, making lives better and is providing for you and your retirement. Your marketing deserves the best care. The best tools. Constant attention.

This is like your kid. You love your kid more than anybody. You’ve got responsibility for their care.

It's the same with your marketing.

The DIY Marketer needs to be able to master their craft and yet be so in touch with outsiders that they know how they think and can speak to them in simple, clear terms.


Those are the four reasons why you should be encouraged that to do world-class marketing, you don't need to pay $25,000 to do it. That being siad, we would still like to help you out. We would love to teach you how to do achieve this outstanding marketing.

You can do it all alone…but you don’t have to. You will be so much better off with some help.

Visit our site we have created for the DIY Marketing Mastery course: to find out how you can make the biggest impact with your marketing.