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The Four Essentials To Optimize Your Dental Website

You don’t have to feel embarrassed about your website when you apply these principles.

We've worked with and spoken to thousands of companies about their websites. Too many of them confess to feeling ashamed of their website, the first impression people get when being introduced to their practice. When we look at their sites, hoping to console them, we discover that their embarrassment is appropriate.

Sadly, there are a lot of lousy dental websites out there.

With all the attention going virtual more than ever this season, we are working hard trying to fixing the lousy website problem. The best businesses deserve the best tools to help them reach the most people.

How is your website doing? Here are the four essential components of a winning website you can use to evaluate your online presence:

1.Beautiful Design.

Your site should look visually appealing. That makes you look professional. Have you ever read a book with an ugly cover? Even though we are well into the 21st century, people still make judgements about book covers. We do the same for people with their clothes and companies on their websites.

It's just human nature to make a judgement about someone based on how they present as a first impression. Your website is the front door of your practice. Ten times out of ten, people will visit your website before visiting your office. We can never figure out why no good dentist would ever want the front of their office to be messy, ugly, and dated and yet they are willing to put up with that on their website.

The good news is that after our webinar, you will have some practical, actionable steps to have an excellent website you stand out from your competitors.

2.A Clear, Compelling Message

Anyone can hire a graphic designer to create an eye-catching site, but do they know how to write words driven by the psychology of the people you want to reach?

Said another way, do the words capture the attention of your ideal client? Most companies fail to communicate a clear message with the people they want to reach because they talk about themselves all the time.

We have a framework that gets to the head and heart of your ideal client so that you transform browsers in buyers. 

The Seven Questions You Must Answer To Create A Clear Brand Message

1. What do our customers want?

2. What are our customers' external, internal and philosophical problems?

3. How are you positioned our brand as the guide to the hero?

4. Have we created a clear plan for the hero to win the day?

5. Are our calls to action clear?

6. Have we helped our hero imagine how we can improve their lives?

7. Have we identified the consequence we are helping out here I’ll try to avoid?

3.Strong SEO

Your website should work in partnership with Google, so you get the best ranking. You don't want to go invisible on a Google search or be outranked by someone who you know would provide terrible service to a client. There are several principles you can apply right away to make your site more Google-friendly.

There is so much we can say about SEO. Here's a quick guide to give you an overview of what can be done.

4.Easy to Edit

We understand that in a fast-moving world, businesses need to be able to adapt fast.
Markets change. Consumers change. Your team changes.

Everything changes.

You should have a website that allows for making changes. To keep up with this, you'll need to keep your content fresh and up to date. Dated content reflects poorly on you and your brand.

The good news is that you don't have to code anymore. You don't have to be a tech geek to run a great site. Technology has given us some fantastic tools to provide you with full control of your website. We would love to give you a demo of how easy it is to make changes on our platform.


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