Recently we finished a site for Mathew Sipe at Sipe Chiropractic and Rehab in Davie, Florida.

Mathew has been a pleasure to work with, and this is the story of what he’s been doing with his Chiropractic practice.

Mathew only recently opened his business and says that owning his practice and being open for the first 6 months has been one of the proudest achievements of his life. Mathew loves what he does, and takes a science based, and comprehensive approach to dealing with his patients, and believes in giving them the best treatment possible.

According to Mathew there are few feelings better than helping a patient out of pain and seeing their smile when they can get back to doing things that they love. Sipe Chiropractic also takes a lot of pride to make sure that they are dealing with their patients in an effective and efficient manner and are confident that they can help their patients out of pain no matter the injury or condition.

Mathew has really enjoyed his first year of operation, and realizes how essential it is to network, and make good connections to increase the number of people he can help. If he were to give one piece of advice to a new business owner it would be to “Never stop networking”.

We have loved being able to partner with Mathew, and are excited to see the growth that Mathew can have with his great work ethic, and his new website.


“My experience with Get Clear has been absolutely phenomenal!” -Dr. Matthew Sipe

Josh  Redekop

Josh Redekop

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