Do you love StoryBrand and know you need help but are wondering how much it costs to work with a StoryBrand guide?

I understand that budgets can be tight and your hard-earned dollars need to be stewarded well. But I think there is a better approach.

I don't care for the word cost. It implies you might be losing something. People come to StoryBrand because they are done with losing money, That's why we talk about investment.

Investment is a much better approach.  Investing in StoryBrand means that you are giving a little to get much more in return. Let me tell you about my investment in StoryBrand.

When I Became A StoryBrand Guide

Being new to the marketing world, I looked at what it costs to become a certified StoryBrand Guide and I nearly fell off my chair. It was clear that if my family and I were going to go "all in" with StoryBrand, we had to make a significant investment into my business. It was tough because my wife was pregnant with our second child at the time and we would be giving a lot of our savings.

I remember feeling nervous handing over my credit card number. I was assured that when you invest into the StoryBrand framework, it also comes back to you with a significant return.

What comforted me was the knowledge that it was not a payment I was making - it was an investment. At the StoryBrand Guide training, Don and the team stressed that a core value of their business is to give everyone a 10X return on their business.As guides, we were told to expect that kind of return for our clients.

Did I Get A Return On My StoryBrand Investment?

Once I came home from my training, I had a clear message and a passion to help other businesses do the same. The calls started to come. I was a StoryBrand Guide, helping grow business using the power of story! I thank God my investment of a huge part of our family savings paid off in the first month of being a guide. In fact, over the year, my investment provided a return of more than 15 times what I put into it. I can’t imagine what would have happened to my business if I didn’t invest in it like that. It would have cost me over 200k in revenue!

That’s a very expensive mistake I would have made.

One mentor told me, “The most expensive decision you make is the money you don’t make when you don’t make the right, tough decisions.”

I’ve had to live by that saying many times. I encourage you with the same words.

If you have a desire to Storybrand your business, asking about the cost, I believe, is the wrong way to start.

Rather, ask, "How much do I want to grow my business this year?" Then invest in it accordingly.

Get Some Help From A StoryBrand Guide - Don't Worry About The Cost

Some guides charge a lot. Some guides charge less. I can't really answer how much it costs to hire a StoryBrand guide.

What I want to close with is to ask "What could happen if you invited your customer into a great story?"

What if your website was clear and people who needed your help began to trust you as the best guide? What if you had total clarity on how you talk about “what you do” so that other people said, “Wow I need that!”...

How much more money would you make in that case? Would it be more than the $1000 you spent learning to do that? I bet it would be way more than that.

The money you put into StoryBranding your business could be the best money you’ve ever spent.

That’s what StoryBrand does. It takes your investment and it grows it.

Us StoryBrand Guides are here to help you.Make the call and get ready for a great investment.

If you want to talk about this, schedule a call with me directly through our Calendly software.

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