Are you tired of getting buried on Google?
This course is going to help you get found by the people that are looking for you.
SEO Doesn't Have To Be For The Experts Anymore
We're going to teach you the simple steps to save you from having to spend thousands hiring an agency.

In this course, you are going to learn some of the foundation principles used by SEO experts with their clients.

You will meet some of the gurus in the industry and we will translate some technical language to make it simple.

Here's what you can expect in this course.

What are the steps they must take to get there:

  1. Understand what Google wants.
  2. Get clear on your keywords.
  3. Optimize your domain and slug.
  4. What Has, Does, And Always Will Be King
  5. Create an interesting and valuable user experience.
  6. Optimize, Optimize, Optimize
  7. Go Local.
  8. Create a plan for moving forward
  9. Review
It's Time To Improve Your Ranking
Get started on your path to improving your site's authority on Google.
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